AIA Fab Major Policy

[Service Policy]

  • Benefits by plan

- Event Membership: Provides 200 fabs per day in the form of a monthly subscription that can be produced almost unlimitedly per plan, 

                                           and the remaining fabs are automatically extinguished without being carried over. 

- Prepay charging: A three-month automatic payment is provided with a high discount per plan, and the remaining fabs are carried over automatically.  

  • Using duration after charging

- Event Membership: Payment is monthly, and if you cancel your subscription, 

                                           you can use the subscription membership benefit until the end of the current payment cycle. 

- Prepay charging: The charged fab has no fixed period of use and can be used at any time.


  • Receipt upon payment

- You can pay with a card on the AIIA Fab website, and you can check the payment details and receipt on My Page. 

- You must contact the customer service center separately for cash payment, and you can issue a cash receipt after the payment is done (

  • Refund Regulations

- We guarantee a refund within 24 hours without using AIA Fab's service. 

- There is no penalty for canceling the membership.

[Copyright Policy]

  • Subscription Certificates and Exclusive Rights

- The exclusive subscription product of AIA FAB is available to users for five years with a subscription certificate. 

- If you do not re-subscribe after 5 years, the product will be returned to the Image Stock Asset, and AIA Fab will be able to lease it to another user. 

- If you want to make an exclusive reservation for more than 5 years, you must contact the customer service center and pay a lump sum.

  • Secondary Authoring and Scope of Use

- The subscription product of AIA Fab has rights to subscribers for 5 years and can be authored for secondary purposes such as the production of goods for sale. 

- However, if you use them for media promotional purposes other than "public contest submission" or "advertising", you must reveal the source of the work.


Q. What is the difference between the Experimental Lab > Paintley Deep (image), Portrait Making, and FX (video)?  


Working with Images: Paintley Deep (Image), Creating a Portrait 

Image Operation: Paintley FX (Video)

  • Paintley Deep (Image) 

It is a design tool that converts the image by utilizing the pattern and texture of the desired style. 

Advanced settings allow you to select the desired resolution/number of iterations/colors, etc. to express uploaded content closer to the artist's style. 

*Resolution and repeat count can be specified by entering the desired number. 

Example: Barcelona landscape and Georges Seurat's point painting

  • Creating  a Portrait  

It's a work that's specialized in portraits. 

After uploading a picture, you can style it, and Paintley AI artists create portraits of various styles of brush touches and colors. 

e.g. ETERNITY Zae In


  • Paintley FX (video)  


Q. What is the size of the image provided?


- Paintley Deep: Able to choose size in advanced settings. 

You can also specify the number of iterations of the algorithm, the weight of the application, and the color of the application. 

* The resolution and the number of algorithm iterations can be entered by the user.

- Portrait making  : 1024px (advanced setting not available) 

Q. How long does it take to work on the Production Fab and Experimental Lab?  


[Production Fab]

  • The photo studio in the room and the editing room take about 5 to 15 minutes.

          Production Fab>Click View Studio/Edit Room Tutorial

[Experimental Lab ] 

  • Paintley Deep (Image): The time required varies for each user-set size. It takes about 10 minutes based on the maximum size. 
  • Paintley FX (Video): The time required for each input image varies. (approximately 3 minutes based on 1 second and 30 frames) 
  • Portrait making: about three minutes.

          Click Experimental Lab > View Paintley AI (Image) Tutorial

Q.  Is there a case where the job is automatically canceled during image creation? 


If the program stops due to an unrecognizable face or other unknown error in the uploaded picture, notice will be given about the exception and cancel the problematic task and restart the program to continue.

Q. Is it possible to cancel automatically even if the waiting time for work is extended? 


It takes an average of 3 to 20 minutes and can be extended depending on the server situation. Long wait times do not automatically cancel; users can press the "Cancel this task" button if desired to cancel the queued task and recharge the used fab.  

Q. What should I do if I don't have the image I want in my content search? 


- Please make sure that the search term is spelled correctly. 

- Please enter a standard language. 

- Please search in a noun form. 

Nevertheless, if there is no content you want in the search results, please contact the customer service center.(